Track My Pomodoros for iOS

An implementation of the Pomodoro Technique®

Simple and effective

  1. Decide on day's tasks
  2. Set the timer and focus on a task until the timer rings
  3. Take a short break. Every 4 Pomodoros take a longer break

Improve productivity

  • Maintain a high level of concentration and motivation
  • Enhance focus by reducing interruptions
  • Improve effort estimates

Measure results

  • Learn which part of your day is most productive and optimize your schedule accordingly
  • Simple metrics help you measure progress toward better results

Now available for all iOS devices (universal)

Reasons to love Track My Pomodoros

Simple timer

An unobtrusive timer keeps track of your Pomodoro and break times. Time continues even if the device screen is off (optional) or app is in background


A powerful but easy to use dashboard. View how many Pomodoros you've managed over time, number of interruptions and when they happened and everything else you need to measure your progress

To Do Today

What would you like to do today? View the day's total productive time, work remaining, estimated time of completion and more!


Want to know what you did two weeks ago? (or if you are like me, yesterday) No problem! Use the history function to see everything you’ve ever worked on along with day stats


A detailed timeline of what you did during the day or week. Helps pinpoint when you are most productive. Learn more about yourself and plan a better, more effective schedule

When will I be done today?

Sometimes it is useful to know if everything planned for the day is achievable. The ETC (estimated time of completion) calculates at what time you will be done taking into consideration the remaining tasks, effort estimated and short/long breaks intervals

Estimate Effort

Estimate effort and compare with the actual results. Refine future estimates to improve planning and capacity

Track Interruptions

Track interruptions, the type (internal or external) and optionally create a follow up to deal with the unplanned/urgent task

Customize Settings

Customize the timer settings, whether the screen should stay on, enable the timer ticking and more


Supports the concept of an inventory - tasks you need to complete someday, but not today. When ready, move the task in the To Do Today list.

Pomodoro and Break Cycling

Timer automatically cycles between Pomodoros, Short Breaks and Long Breaks. No need to remember what should be next!

More to come!

A web version and synchronization between the apps will follow. I love this productivity technique, its been part of my daily routine for a number of years. The app will improve as I become a better user and hear from you, dear reader. Do you have an idea that will improve your productivity? Share it and I promise to look into it.